Hammer Handles:  A living thing.

Hammer Handles: A living thing

Part 1 – Types of handles

Whether you live in the coldest, driest climate or a humid hot one your wood hammer handles are alive. When you get a new hammer the manufacturer hopes that they have installed the wooden handle in such a way that it will stay tight. Unfortunately, that requires that the handle be at its lowest possible moisture content when installed. Since many smaller companies do not have the ability to store the handles in a controlled environment they must use the best quality wood, probably Hickory, for the handle and have to try to install handles on dry days. Obviously this may not be feasible and some hammer handles they install may not be as tight as they would like them to be. Is a loose wooden handle indicative of a bad hammer? Not necessarily Should you know how to deal with this issue? Probably.

Stay tuned for our next blog on fixing a loose hammer handle