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Hand made (not machined) wrought iron and brass strap hinges. Standard and custom finial strap hinges made by artist-blacksmiths. 

The hinge is probably one of man's earliest inventions. The first hide flap closing a tent or hut was a hinge of sorts. This would have been followed by a simple post pivoting in a hole. Early hinges were made of wood and then metal when it became affordable.

Hinges hold doors in place, lids on treasure chests, tool and jewelery boxes.

Strap hinges reinforce doors and add art to their designs.

**We recommend strap hinges to stretch 3/4 of the way across a door.  Our hinges are many times stronger than any store bought hinges, however,  strength is directly proportional to sizing.  Hinges under 24" are made lighter duty.  Please call for help in sizing your custom hinges.**