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Hand-Forged Strap Hinges

Hand-Forged Strap Hinges

In the days of old, when there were no dependable glues available, a mechanism was needed to help strap the planks of a door together. Why not incorporate the strapping and the hinging into one.

A whole lot more than just functional hinges.  Our hand forged hinges are HEAVY  DUTY and provide the beauty as well.   We are here to add that final touch to your doors with our custom made to order strap hinges.

Standard hinges are often hidden on the inside of a door if the door swings into a room.  Try our WRAP-AROUND hinges to see the beauty on the main side of the door rather than hiding them.

Traditionally an exterior door had 3 hinges and interior had 2.  Consider adding a slightly shorter middle hinge to your exterior doors.

If you need a specific length or configuration we can help.  See the many options on the gallery page.

Don't forget about those curved hinges to match your arch top door or gate.