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Custom made and beautiful

Our hardware is truly custom. Each piece is created for the customer. It does not exist before the customer collaborates with us, orders it, and we create it. If the customer does not know what they want, we cannot serve them. We create what the customer sees in their minds eye as beautifully as possible. Just as the old smith stood at the village crossroads and filled the needs of each person, so we stand ready to serve your needs with skill and pride.

We were featured in the $2,000,000 HGTV 2006 Dream House!   


Custom made door hardware is our specialty. Strap Hinges, latches, pulls and locks, we make it all. 


We make firescreens, grills and a complete line of fireplace accessories.

Let us transform your fireplace into what it was meant to be.

The products of the forge can be plain and utilitarian or works of art.

The smith can make sculptural organic forms or stylish modern styles to suit your taste. Our line of castings includes both originals and reproductions. We make many traditionally forged door latches and hinges in brass. These pieces are provided in various finishes including natural brass and black.

Our Print Catalog is $8.00.

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